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1982, THE QUALITY CHALLENGECalzificio Punto born from an intuition of Mr. Alfredo Prisco, who, early in the eighties already glimpsed the potentialities of man and lady socks turned to a very high quality market, by using fabrics of rare refinement and elegance in order to make research and fashion his own mission. Production, equal to 5.000.000 socks per year, is carried out entirely in the industrial complex in Bagnolo Mella (BS): 2 warehouses of total 7.000 square meters, to which a third one of 3.000 square meters was added housing also a wide factory outlet.TODAY, A WINNING STRATEGYWith the passing of time the company specialized in the production of long, short, classic and pattern man socks, all characterized by premium fibers, and, starting from nineties, lady socks (pattern and classic), mix of elegance, originality and fashion. The growth allowed to increase the personnel from 4 to 65 employees and to install sophisticated machineries - about 250 - up to reach unthinkable thinness and to create socks of rare quality by using noble fibers from cotton of most valuable counts to the finest silk, by passing through the very soft cashmere.Essence of Femininity: our LADY collection, charming, sensual, unique. Elements of rare elegance and sophistication. Over-knee, knee-high socks, stripes, diamonds, micro-patterns.. to match naturally with own clothes, outline of personality. To get oneself talked about. To be in place with the own esthetic sense , moderately vain, but always and exclusively of quality. From the most bright and daring style to the most discrete. Continuous style, excellence research, through new and particular designs, thanks to the use of most soft and finest yarns. Without leaving nothing to chance.