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Our company was founded in 2016 - we are a new company - with highly experienced colleagues, all of whom have been working in stock market for more than ten years. In the last 20 years, our colleagues have received accurate pictures of how hungarian stockings are in demand, and with this experience we have developed our range of products, which are made up of uncompromising products and we do so at affordable prices .

Our manufacturers are the most modern manufacturing machines and Italian companies with the oldest traditions, who are able to satisfy our high quality demands in our products, exclusively for Calze D'oro®. You will find our products among everyday standard products, unique body shaping products, exclusive patterned pantyhose pants, knee socks, ankle straps and ankle flaps. Elegant or sporty, you will find the right product in our selection! Choose a casual, solid or casual, or more striking style!

We help our trading partners with our many years of experience in selecting products that match the season. We put a lot of emphasis on post-sales contacts, to meet our customers' further needs, and constantly changing trends in information.
We partner with several business partners and we regularly visit our department stores through our regional representatives, and we help you with the order picking. With our shipping partners, orders are delivered to the customer within 1-2 business days. We promote our marketing activities with regular promotional products.

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