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Bram Hosiery took the first steps in 1959 and with it's 30 million items produced every year in different models placed itself on the market as a strong production source capable of satisfying whatever the needs of fashion, comfort and wearability.Bram Hosiery was born in 1959 in the heart of the most important world production area of female hosiery, managed today by the third generation that has inherited the passion and experience from it's founder Mario Basaglia.Bram Hosiery supplies tights to the most important names with production of 30 million pairs each year making it a major production force. In 1990 it brought out it's own line: the L'Idea brand. A line that offered 30 models of socks and tights; modern and comfortable thanks to the Dorlastan of Bayer fibre, marrying the requirements of fashion and wearability with the latest production techniques.Classic, elegant, trendy, sheer, fishnet and jacquard, in all colours and grades of sheen. L'Idea socks are dedicated to the woman of today, demanding and informed, alive to the value for money scenario.