BBF Gambetti

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BBF GAMBETTI was born towards the end of the 60s and rapidly expanded in the difficult market of women tights. Throughout the years BBF GAMBETTI has carved out a niche for itself in the domestic and international market, by positioning itself as designer label.BBF GAMBETTI can rely on designers who make it competitive, producing both the more suitable models, according to the latest fashions, and special articles required by the specialty customer. The basic characteristics of the products, dedicated to women and girls, lie in the large quantity of raw material used: from lycra to cotton, to microfibres. The number of articles produced is constantly increasing in all the lines: the youth-sport, the haute couture and the relaxing ones.BBF GAMBETTI is still a company where the family members work in perfect harmony, following a philosophy based on traditional values, efficiency, reliability and on a strong entrepreneurial dynamism.