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Everyone would welcome an active and healthy life well into old age. Our supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic orthoses help you to maintain and regain health. They increase wellbeing and ensure greater quality of life!

Our products are produced by people for people. From the initial design, through product development, to the manufacturing process and elaborate checks, Bauerfeind places great value upon "Made in Germany" quality.

In order to ensure the quality of patient care, in 2007 we offered a partnership program to medical supply retailers in Germany who sell our products. The aim is to supply patients with high-quality products that are always in line with the latest medical findings. This is what Bauerfeind stands for. The medical supply retailer has the task of giving patients competent advice and providing them with a comprehensive service. This is where the quality partnership comes into play: the medical supply retailers make use of training and further education opportunities provided by Bauerfeind and implement special marketing measures which raise awareness of the range of products offered by the medical supply retailer. To date, more than 1000 partners in both production and retail have joined this initiative.

Our company motto is "Motion is life". We are actively committed to popular and professional sports. As one of Germany's co-partners, the company has been an official supplier to the German Olympic teams since 2001 and offers athletes an orthopedic supply service both during and between the Games.

By means of an endowed chair in "Technical Orthopedic Studies" at Münster University of Applied Sciences, Bauerfeind promotes the close intermeshing of science and commercial practice. We also support various research projects and numerous studies.

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