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Was it also winter with beautiful leg tights outstanding for cold weather?
Although it is tight, it looks like a stocking style, so full of fashion! It's double-tied tights and you can spend warm in cold winter.

It is understood that arthrosis is thought to be one of the reasons caused by poor blood circulation due to cold, among Japanese young women, the fact that the style that emphasizes the appearance such as living with bare feet exposed is also influenced I thought that it was.

In order to solve these problems, I was looking for ideas to prevent cold, maintain body temperature, good health, what items can be used in any scene, protecting the knees from cold in the socks market, I noticed that there was no tights that could be worn fashionable. And, in the winter, I was able to protect the knee joint from cold, and it was brushed back and I invented tights with a sense of sheer feeling like stocking by a manufacturing method showing the inside of the product to human skin.

I thought that there is a need to lead to solutions to the problems of women's winter coldness and fashionability in winter, I decided to apply for patents on tights' new manufacturing methods and commercialize them.