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CDM Hosiery, for over forty years is in the market, it is located in the industrial district to Asola, world's most important women in the hosiery market.

It has long-term business relations with important and selected customers in Italy and in several parts of the world, both in private label which supplies and our own brand.

In recent times it acquired the well-known AZIRA brand, it is on the market for over 20 years, and it has made significant investments in production oriented to support
the development of a growing range of products in line with the latest fashion trends and as a function of the different requests for personalization received by our customers.

The Company is able to meet all needs of customers interested in working with a reliable, professional and timely manner, guaranteeing a full convenience in relation product / quality / range / price.

The owners of the company are directly involved in the creation and production of the final product, according to the specific needs of each customers.

The company has a production capacity of over 10 million pairs / year, thanks to a machines room equipped with 60 circular knitting machines;
we also have a research and development and management of an internal warehouse to support all activities of assimilated logistics.

All work cycles (knitting, sewing, fixing, steaming, dry cleaning, packaging) are done in Italy guaranteeing the 'Made in Italy 100% ".

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