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ARMA A.E. is active since 1963. Maratsinos Aristidis founded the company having extensive experience buying his first own machines from Italy to Athens.The company notes in particular the rise in 1990 and converted into SA as one of the few construction companies in hosiery.Maintains a high level of products and services with continuous updating products, specilized in lastex-MAGIC LIFT- following the perfect quality of the European standards.In 2009 ARMA A.E expanded its activities to other areas like marketing and distribution of Italian house INTIMIDEA with international activity.It has a large and organized network of sellers (15) in Greece to serve 2,000 customers in the territory. Works with large chains and department stores super markets by building the private label products, exports to European countries and Cyprus and maintains distribution warehouses its products in Bulgaria.The competitive prices coupled with quality and service in places ARMA top in its field.

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