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ARIES a.s.ARIES is a significant Czech manufacturer of support and compression hosiery. It has been operating in the market for almost twenty years and has always placed great emphasis on the health of its customers.In 1993, as the first Czech producer, the company launched in the market classical hosiery goods with loose-fitting tops and in 1998 support compression hosiery under the AVICENUM 70 a AVICENUM 140 lines. These products are gaining more and more satisfied customers because they help prevent the occurrence of varicose veins and provide relief from occasional lower limb swelling.In 2004 the ARIES company offered its customers a real novelty, i.e. cosmetic-textile, which today includes for example the SANITIZED SILVER Antibacterial Treatment with active silver ions or the ANTI-HEAVY-LEGS, Treatment, which prevents the feeling of heavy legs.In 2008 the company successfully launched the AVICENUM 360, medical compression products, which are fully or partially covered by health insurance companies. These products draw on the entire experience of previous years, representing the top products of their kind in the market.

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