Alisee  Logo
Alisee is a new premium lingerie brand introduced in 2004. Alisee is focused on the upper-market segment and customers with more demanding tastes. Collections are designed in cooperation with French stylists to create fashion brand with intrusions of classic and chic style and tailored by Milavitsa to fit local market specifics.. Target group is sophisticated women aged 25-55. Distribution is organized mainly through Milavitsa retail chains in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Alisee with its each collection presents the femininity in all its aspects: the elegance of the forms, the smoothness of the lines, and the natural harmony of the fascinating colour pallet. The transparency of the lace, glamorous embroidery, delicate materials, and the details refined. Alisee carries one away to the world of the sensual and desired Parisian female.