Aleksandra  Logo
Aleksandra company has been existig on Polish market since 1993. We are the family company with tradition. Personel contact with our customes cause, that all our recelvers are treated individually, and that raise the service quality. This cooperation guarantees better communication and also brings forward circulation of information, particulary about new products or advising in the range of designing models and patterns for following season. High quality of our products is a result of uesult of using the best yarns in production, still modernized machines and constant quality control od different stages of production preocess. Our employees identify very with aims of the company. They still improves their qulifications and develope their abilities and knowledge in the range of production, operation of the machines and new design.This is an essential factor affecting for the very good quality of our products. It gives a lot of satisfaction when such a big team are motivated into action and 'infected' in passion of creating. We always offer our help and advice.