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Founded in 1978 in Busto Arsizio, the city that can be considered the birthplace of tights preventive / therapeutic in Italy, 3 Emmme engaged in the production of socks and pantyhose therapeutic focusing specialization within the range 70 den. and 140 den. Lycra (R)With an operational area of 1500 square meters, and thanks to the technological level of the equipment managed electronically, the production capacity of 3 Emmme, is approximately one million pairs a year.The production is performed with dual-fuel machinery, resulting in tights and socks with heel particularly accurate and suitable for the needs of prevention and treatment. 3 Emmme This has led to a specialization increasingly accentuated in therapeutic products, including variants nude- look, shaped, for pregnant women, classic shoes, knee and also produced on request with special sizes and finishes. Of particular interest is the production of articles "personalized" products on the basis of the technical specifications of the clients and marketed under brands of national and international dimension .The production standard in the range of 3 Emmme health is available from stock in both the version that in bulk packaging to single pair belonging to our. line "Woman." This assortment consists of nine classic colors and includes all variations of size and product (pregnant, calibrated, etc.). allowing rapid delivery to customers, who are not overly tied to 'purchase minimum quantities . entire production of 3 Emmme is stretchable Lycra (R) by DuPont and can therefore guarantee unique characteristics of elasticity, compression, fit and durability.