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Gabriella company was established in 1996. Currently we are one of the largest and expansively developing companies on the hosiery market. We are offering one of the widest assortment offers on the Polish market, including: exclusive tights, stockings, leggins, knee-ups and socks.From the very beginning we have been using yarn of the most renowned companies such as: INVISTA (Lycra), Fulgar, Nilit. Gabriella products are licensed to use INVISTA trademark, license number: L8A2075.Italian, British and Japanese machinery from the following companies: Savio Matec, Lonati, Detexomat, Tocatori is used in our production lines. We pay particular attention to the quality of our products, which is why they are of the highest standard. Optimisation of our production process and purchasing raw materials directly from producers, result in the best relation between quality and price, as well as high attractivenes on the Polish market.The evidence of that shows the fact that Gabriella, as the only company in the whole country, has been awarded with “The best in Poland” in an uninfluenced consumers' plebiscite twice and the company received the title: “Discovery of the year 2011” in the plebiscite Consumers' Laurel.We are very grateful to all of our clients for the trust they put in Gabriella and we are doing our best to constantly keep the best quality and extend the collection with new attractive items.Gabriella products are distributed in Poland through complex distributors' network and a number of cooperating wholesales.Currently, the company is exporting products under own trademark to 35 countries worldwide and consecutively it is acquiring new markets.Co-operation with our company is strongly encouraged. Everybody is welcome in Gabriella's Business Office.
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