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Conte Spa was founded in 1997 in Grodno (Belarus) at the time when young and growing market required ideas and strong brands. Since its establishment and through to present "Conte Spa" has specialized in manufacturing of hosiery products and knitwear for women, men and children.Since 2001 the company has focused upon its own brand Conte elegant by developing designer lines and improving production technology. Like its European competitors "Conte Spa" wins new markets by active and mature expansion as well as by using modern technologies referring to the market evolution and consumer psychology.It's been more than a decade since the brand created a perfect image of Conte elegant client which is "a Woman, passionate about life". The image is shared widely nowadays: self-sufficient, socially active and demanding woman, who knows difference in quality and price and will not accept a compromise to comfort. No one else but such a woman has become an ideologist of the name of the most famous company brand - Conte elegant. The creators of the brand have noticed the transformation of the woman of the early XXI century in detail: delicate in French way, still having bright temper, she writes her "Le conte elegant", the elegant tale, still confidently playing the key roles in their own lives and in society.As reputation of the brand is supported by its three virtues of Quality, Price and Choice, Conte elegant has proved itself the best manufacturer of hosiery products to meet the demands of any choosy woman from an elegant office manager to a bright and creative fashionista.Conte elegant seasonally offers collections with a wide range of colors, design and decor.Besides the women's brand Conte elegant, Conte Spa also actively develops men's brand DiWaRi, children's brand Conte-Kids, known for its remarkable cotton collection and creative approach to design, as well as ESLI, brand of knitwear for the whole family.Wide product range of classic, modeling, fantasy and warm tights, elegant stockings, cotton socks and knee-highs, tights for girls and young fashionistas, underwear for men and women complements the company's versatility and ambition.

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